Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

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Comment: Short sighted govt

2018-07-30 13:42:22
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Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

I think this government wants to impress people than to solve problems. The approach all along is not to alleviate poverty but to make political capital. So once Ghanaian are impressed the government will then hide behind that to do what they want to do. With that mindset, this thing is going nowhere. That is why party members will descend on any contrary views including their own people who speak the truth. Elsewhere when governments are rolling out policies of this nature, then don't care about the political consequences , they just do it with the goal to realising it's long term benefits. The thinking of this government is too short termination and fixated on winning the next elections rathan solving the current problems that confront the country. It's bad!!!!

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Twerp on Jul 30, 2018 11:09
Asareba on Jul 30, 2018 18:47
Bob on Jul 30, 2018 13:42
Short sighted govt