Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

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Comment: DATA from where?

2018-07-30 13:58:46
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very simple.

We should not muddy the waters with this need based suggestion. Even in the US where it is easier to track income public schools up to HS in all rich and poor areas are FREE. There is a good reason why the US government does this, it believes education is a right and mandatory. All children have to be educated and parents are arrested and sent to court if they don't send their kids to school or get approval to home school them. Educating every child is the law, depending on state a child can drop out at certain ages around 16. You need an educated population to move a country forward, it is as simple as that. Yes, I agree we need to look at boarding schools and make that a paid option but otherwise the need based suggestion by Ofori Attah is a BAD idea.

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DATA from where?