Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

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Harstag Mercy
2018-07-30 18:02:35
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Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment

The npp government is so confused and because of selfish gains in trying to hold onto power this balded Nana Ado man is running Ghana down. First of all your 110 ministers salaries can fund this free shs program but because of your stupidity u can't think.
We in the UK where u come borrow money from don't even do free Shs. We pay to attain quality education. Ghana is a developing country and we need to channel the little resources we have into infrastructure and job creation. Sometimes I wonder why these politicians who come to the UK and other developed countries don't learn from us.
Okay, so free Shs and afterwards what next? Graduates sit in the house right!
Job creation should be priority not so called stupid free shs. Parents have responsibilities to cater for their wards. I go for what the finance minister is saying. RETHINKING FREE SHS. Ghanaians should forget about that stupid president called Akufool Ado.

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Re: Ken Ofori-Atta hot over Free SHS comment