Total overhaul of Free SHS crucial to its sustenance – Prof. Addai Mensah

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Comment: Oh Ghana

Black man with black sense
2018-07-31 16:38:39
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Total overhaul of Free SHS crucial to its sustenan

Certain schools and worthy families should be made to pay as well as those in boarding schools for accommodation, food and other expenses in order to make it effective. There should be a criteria like people earning certain income. You can also have an application forms for the applicants for government support to fill with two wittiness that indeed the parents can't afford the fees or the child is an orphan. This way money could be raised to make the schools better with infrastructure, libraries etc. Schools under trees must be sorted first before free education. Mahama used one term to do some but was not given the chance to finish all.

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Black man with black sense on Jul 31, 2018 16:38