Total overhaul of Free SHS crucial to its sustenance – Prof. Addai Mensah

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Comment: Let’s think differently - be innovative!

Dogo Yaro
2018-07-31 17:42:34
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Total overhaul of Free SHS crucial to its sustenan

Intellectual debates about national policies are just ivory tower skull drudgery ? It is unfortunate to see the likes of Prof Addae Mensah, Dr. Naana Opoku Agyemang caught up in the “ rationality trap “ look at our SHS educational project?. And Ablakwa shamelessly quoting the constitution to support his naysaying arguments? These educated sophist use stature to knit pick implementation challenges as offering truths? To poor Yaa Baby and hubby Bosiako, well thought-through, planning, Blue print and sustainable funding and infrastructure availability, mean their 14 year old cannot be on the education bus for better tomorrow due cost? Wasting minds due to “intellectual rationality” is unconscionable. Political platform promise is about a choice for the future. And citizens give mandates to politicians based on their campaign promises to make their life better. So it all about priorities and choice! We want politicians to initiate policies based on out priority choices and bureaucrats and experts to execute them? Citizens overwhelmingly want free SS education for their children now! Not latter!! It is up to you the brainiacs to offer solutions to implementation challenges and not shoot the whole idea down or delay it’s implementation due to obvious challenges? Let’s be positive about education and come out with innovative programs to achieve its quality outcomes. We are blessed to be living in a digital age which we can use to disrupt infrastructure based education at a far lesser cost per student? Let’s learn from the experience of cell phone penetration and the good old infrastructure and copper wire based stationary dail phone. These intellectuals should tell us how many citizens would have had phones if we have waited for infrastructure built up? Or the money to do it? Folks , how we think is everything, not the letters before or after our names. Other nations positively use their intellectual capacities to achieve desired outcomes and not focus on implementation challenges!!!

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Dogo Yaro on Jul 31, 2018 17:42
Let’s think differently - be innovative!