'The dog has been given a deserving name' – Gen. Mosquito replies Akufo-Addo

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Sweet Ghana
2018-08-03 14:24:22
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'The dog has been given a deserving name' – Gen.

Hmmm na Ghana dat? If in days gone, the competent NPP claimed the NDC apparatchiks couldn't read, is it true now, given that our President Akufo Addo signs documents without his perusal or that of his secretary, Bediatuo? Is our President bat-blind or simply lazy to sign off such a sellout without reading it? Bawumia and Samira, how would you have described this act if it had been done by Mahama? Does an admission by the President that he was tricked into nearly selling out our sovereignty without scrutiny not amount to an impeachable offence? Yet, deep down the minds of many, there is no doubt that, this isn't the first time such hoodwinking has gone on at the presidency. Agyarko was only exploiting the current norm to fleece the country and I believe this sleeping President was deliberately "asleep" as he signed. This calls for more probes into all those fast tracked deals that have crossed the President's desk. How many of them haven't been signed by this "sleeping" president? When wise men sleep at post, the viper- tongued Samira is quiet. Bempah, Martey, Otabil, Rev Asante, Palmer Buckle and all you mono- spectacled know-all seers, this is your "team competent" for you. Mr President, your deliberate state of self induced somnambulism makes you complicit.

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Sweet Ghana on Aug 3, 14:24
Re: 'The dog has been given a deserving name' – Ge