Politics Tue, 21 Aug 2018

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Bagbin punches Mahama over V8 and mansions

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Comment: Bagbin punches Manama.

2018-08-21 13:38:43
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Bagbin punches Mahama over V8 and mansions

Bagbin,Bagbin,Bagbin,how many times did I call you?If you truly wish to be considered a presidential material in Ghana politics then rethink your modus.If this is the approach your campaign team has approved for you then better dissolve the entire team.On the other hand if your pay masters are those energizing you to undertake such an ABSURD mission then be warned they are digging a pit for you which will reduce you to a non entity in your own party and Ghana politics.Are you truly yourself or "gbeshi"is prompting you to be attacking fellow aspirants?YOUR EVIL HEART IS SO OBVIOUS for all to see.Even if you claim to be speaking the truth is that the way to go?As a lawyer is that how you will present a winnable case in court?Those are contesting are not people from an opposing party but the same party.Even JM has not declared his cadidature and you are all over him.why? Are you afraid of him?Look,tell the good delegates of your party what you have for them and stop this kind of "Yahoo" campaign.

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Ken. on Aug 21, 2018 13:38
Bagbin punches Manama.