Politics Tue, 21 Aug 2018

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Bagbin punches Mahama over V8 and mansions

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Comment: Re Bagbin punches

2018-08-21 15:07:31
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Bagbin punches Mahama over V8 and mansions

The truth behind Bagbins hate speeches are now out! Simple truth is Bagbin is bitter because Manama did not appoint him minister but rather appointed those he thinks did not work for the party. What a shame. Bagbin, you are too full of yourself and would be a very bad president!
Just stop the insults and insinuations and test your popularity against Mahama at the primaries and know your levels.
Even in Nadowli Kaleo in 2016 Manama beat you in popular votes tweaaa!

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Adua on Aug 21, 2018 15:07
Re Bagbin punches