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I’m retiring from politics to take care of my sick ex-husband – Otiko

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Comment: Re: Ayoo

2018-08-22 12:51:07
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My comment here is not to the political angle but the spiritual side of it. Man is made up of body and soul. The soul being the spirit. We as humans often forget and neglect the spiritual existence of the whole equation. Just as we see the physical injury to the body when we get hurt, the spiritual aspect is real too. Otiko' action of taken care of the sick ex hubby is nothing but an exercise motivated by the physical sense of human. If truly she engages in the "care" mission, the man is as good as dead already!!! This is because, spiritually, it's improper to strike that balance between the physical and spiritual after divorce knowing both realms are real. Marriage is a serious business in both realms and has grave consequences for our action and inaction.

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Tim on Aug 22, 2018 12:51