Politics Tue, 21 Aug 2018

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‘Broke’, ‘betrayer’ Goosie Tanoh has no NDC card to contest anything - NDC MP

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Comment: He is a liar, perjurer even.

Da Dwen
2018-08-21 20:51:05
Comment to:
‘Broke’, ‘betrayer’ Goosie Tanoh has no ND

This is a man whose only claim to "honest travail" was the UN job he was rewarded with, for the false alibi he offered the murderous 'Invisible Man' at that hideous contraption called the National Public Tribunal.
Returning from his unmeritorious sojourn in New York, he, like his grim mentors Ahwois, Tsikatas, and other ilk of sundry evil geniuses, finagled massive (free)loans from the commonweal. Now, they are all shameless capitalist roaders.
The lumpenproletariat is STUPID. They will vote for him.

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Da Dwen on Aug 21, 2018 20:51
He is a liar, perjurer even.