Politics Tue, 21 Aug 2018

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‘Broke’, ‘betrayer’ Goosie Tanoh has no NDC card to contest anything - NDC MP

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Comment: Goosie, not broke, he is wise,does not s

Dot com
2018-08-22 00:50:31
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‘Broke’, ‘betrayer’ Goosie Tanoh has no ND

Goosie Tanoh is a fine gentleman, unfortunately people who don't know him are also in a "bang wagon" insulting him left and right without making any meaningful point that we can all learn from. Let's be fair
to each other and not be in s hurry to condemn and persecute.
Goosie no doubt is a good material by all standards,what is worrying is that has been a victim of circumstances, I dare to say NDC has not been fair to him. You must know their history well to know that Goosie paying an undue and unfair price for no apparent reason.

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Dot com on Aug 22, 2018 00:50
Goosie, not broke, he is wise,does not s