Sack Ga East MCE – Hassan Ayariga

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Comment: Most Laughable Argument

Nana Boadu
2018-09-04 17:07:10
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Sack Ga East MCE – Hassan Ayariga

Ayariga - You're such a psychotic thug. I wonder why some news outlets or personalities allow you a platform and opportunity to speak, especially when nothing sensible ever comes from your mouth. You've the penchant to ask for the dismissal of a lady who's by far wiser, more intelligent, and with sound judgment than you.Next time please don't wear the kind of jacket you have on if you're a gentleman and professional. By the way, try and contest as an assembly member to see if you can make an impact in your community, you stupid idiot

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Nana Boadu on Sep 4, 17:07