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Government has no contingency plan for risky $2bn bauxite deal – IMANI

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Comment: Let's thread Cautiously with the Chinese

Moses Gyawier
2018-09-12 08:15:47
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Bullshit imani

Imani talks some sense let's here him. The problem is,this Akan government is being propelled by an over zealous Akan press and judiciary which will back fire on every body in Ghana. If this was a Mahama and NDC project you would have seen all the cylinders of the Akan hypocritic mafia from the clegy to the boot lickers opening their dirty cans full of worms and firing in all eight cylinders and insulting the pepeni from the north. What Imani is saying is that in spite of the noise from this government about the so-called benefits of the loan/batter agreement, the Chinese big guns whose signatures really matter in this agreement have not even put pen to paper. This is worrying. The much talked about USD500 million advance payment for the array of projects is still a dream because certain aspects of the agreement have not yet been fulfilled by Ghana. Can we not understand what Imani is worried about? Even, the validity of the data for the presence of the bauxcite is also in doubt because instruments used to verify same a decade or more ago are not as reliable as we think they are. With all this, government has not indicated any contingency plans in place to pay for the loan in case the bauxcite is not up to our expectations. Sinohydro is not really interested in our bauxcite as payment for USD 2billion projects, they want cash dollars. Can't we understand?

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Moses Gyawier on Sep 12, 2018 08:15
Let's thread Cautiously with the Chinese