Don't wait for Mahama's review of free SHS, do it yourself - Lecturer to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Vague! vague!! vague!!!

2018-10-02 14:02:23
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Don't wait for Mahama review free SHS, do it yours

What the prof said is vague; what Mahama said is vague. What is I will review the policy? He must be specific. Which aspect will he review. In 2012 they told us they were going to review the NHIS for one term payment. Here, they were specific but what did they leave us with? Health system on emergency bed?
What was the policy on free distribution of school shoes and uniforms? How many kids got them and when was the replacement period. The then NDC govt in 2014 promised to pay GHC38 for every students in SHS, they never paid. Parents had to pay that money as arrears.
So it is not a matter of "I will review it". He can review it for the better or worse. It takes people with brains to initiate idea but any idiot can review it! So many fitter mechanics can repair cars; how many can invent one?

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DDT on Oct 2, 14:02
Vague! vague!! vague!!!
Kwesi, London on Oct 2, 14:26