Don't wait for Mahama's review of free SHS, do it yourself - Lecturer to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Review of Free SHS by Mahama

Danso Abeam ,U.S.A.
2018-10-02 22:10:14
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Don't wait for Mahama review free SHS, do it yours

When NDC was in power what advice did you give to him on education.You are siding with former President John Mahama that the free SHS should have started progressively.When Mahama started with about 200 pupils was he able to pay for their cost.When President Kuffour brought SHS to four years he said he will review it but sent it back to years again .Look at the NHIS.He said to bring one premium was he able to do it. This educationist should shut up because you are an NDC member.You dont have any good thing for our mother Ghana

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Kwesi, London on Oct 2, 14:26
Danso Abeam ,U.S.A. on Oct 2, 22:10
Review of Free SHS by Mahama