Don't wait for Mahama's review of free SHS, do it yourself - Lecturer to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: I will always support Nana's free SHS

One Ghana
2018-10-03 00:33:37
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Don't wait for Mahama review free SHS, do it yours

Equal opportunities for all is the way forward...no Ghanaian child is better than the other. Akufo Addo's NPP is doing the right thing.
Don't mind NDC's propaganda....scrapping double track this time means some more Ghanaian children wouldn't have SHS education for some years and we would be back to nothing. Whose child should wait? Is it the the child of a politician?....NO!!!... Is it the child of the rich???...NO!!.... It's always the poor that should suffer....oooh Ghana hmmmmmm. Mahama abd ndc will remain in oppositiion forever

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Kwesi, London on Oct 2, 14:26
One Ghana on Oct 3, 00:33
I will always support Nana's free SHS