Don't wait for Mahama's review of free SHS, do it yourself - Lecturer to Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Review free shs

Joe wise
2018-10-03 02:47:17
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Don't wait for Mahama review free SHS, do it yours

Dr Agyenim Boateng which research did you do before wading into this debate. For 20years all we have been hearing is infrastructure infrastructure. When Nigeria implemented free SHS Ghanaian scholars who knowledge is all book base condemned Nigeria that the quality will be compromised. Yes Nigeria didn't have teachers but teachers from Ghanaian flocked their schools. Today if you meet five scholars from Africa 2 are from Nigeria performing credibly. If we had done it years back the challenges will be less. Free SHS has come to stay if the rich think double track is not good for their children they are free to take their children to dollar paying schools. Dr Agyenim Boateng Who told you that double track will make the students dull. California state, Japan, South Korea all have practiced this double track and yet the students perform well. You are PhD holder you don't want that poor child from remote village to compete with your child. You are free to relocate your child. We poor people from villages love if even it will be multitrack . Nana Addo thank you for empowering the poor children with free SHS.

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Kwesi, London on Oct 2, 14:26
Joe wise on Oct 3, 02:47