Afenyo Markin's 2012 NPP contender defects to NDC

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Comment: NDC IS DEAD

2018-11-05 11:48:47
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Npp is in comfortable lead until 2020

NDC can never win a fare elections in Ghana, because Afari-Gyan used to steal for them. That is why the Supreme Court Judges gave NPP a good advice, that elections are won at the polling stations. So let's see from 2016 going if NDC can really win elections. They are a party who always bring Ghana backwards in terms of development, because every Tom, Dick and Harry in that party want to be rich overnight. Ghanaians are wiser now. We want real development in our country and not fake " unprecedented infrastructure" where road contractors received money for roads that are not even done. We want politicians, who thinks about Ghana first before their pockets.

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William on Nov 5, 11:48
Check the heading on Nov 5, 00:31