Politics Sun, 18 Nov 2018

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I’ll seal cracks in NDC if I’m elected as chairman – Abodakpi

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Comment: Npp save Gh $50M...fake Ndc contractors

Dr MK Ahadzi......krachie
2018-11-18 15:06:11
Comment to:
I’ll seal cracks in NDC if I’m elected as chai

Npp....NPP Saved$50 million.NDC fake contrctors
cNpp are champs to the economy...Big fat English. NPP saved $50 million saved.NDC fake contrctors presentating certificates for payment. Haruna Big English Leaves Ur area poor Big English doesn't build a society.proactive TAUGHTS.Your big English still leaves your constituent very poor.Only noted for build mosque.Lucky Kufour brought streets to your area. From Buipe to Walewale only big NDC English MPs no development.Changes has come and true Ghanaians have seen the difference.Npp won't inflate contract sums and NDC won't get their inflated contract certificate paid.Ndc contracted killed this country that is why NDC is starving funds. Npp saved over $50million plus so far from NDC fake contractors....Npp bravooo

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Dr MK Ahadzi......krachie on Nov 18, 2018 15:06
Npp save Gh $50M...fake Ndc contractors