Blame Mahama for your outcast in NDC - Wontumi aide to Voltarians

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2018-11-21 07:22:50
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Re: Blame Mahama for your outcast in NDC - Wontumi

Ofui, believe me, we love our Asantehene but if you even make Asantehene your Presidential candidate, we will vote against him

Npp is in our blood. Who is Kojo Bonsu? An Asante who spells his Kwadwo(Kojo) like he is an Ewe.

You might be young but let me tell you something about Asantes and voting.

In 1969, Joe Appiah, a prominent Asante and well educated former a Party and contested against Progress Party headed by Bono Dr Busiah and Asantes voted for Dr Busiah.

In 1979, our hero General Afrifa broke from the ZUP tradition and joined the Akyem Party but Asantes stayed with the UP tradition and despite our love for Afrifa, voted for Victor Owusu instead.

In 1972, we voted against General Acheampong, an Asante who wanted to perpetuate his rule with the UNION GOVERNMENT concept. He lost that referendum because he lost Ashanti region badly. As a matter of fact, we hooted at him at Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi.

Asantes don't vote for Asantes but we vote for the UP party tradition, a party that has its roots in Ashanti region.

Believe me, Ewes are so tribalistic if Npp makes an Ewe our Presidential candidate, Npp will win Volta region because Ewes will vote for their Ewe Presidential candidate.

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SARPONG on Nov 21, 2018 07:22