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John Boadu is no match for Asiedu Nketia – NDC’s communication officer

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Comment: Solomon Nkansa- type childishness

Charles Agbenu
2018-11-20 14:32:09
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John Boadu is no match for Asiedu Nketia – NDC

Infantile, childish Solomon Nkansa- type argument. Useless. John Boadu will definitely not engage in such argument with Gyamfi. John has refused to reply such buffonery from Asiedu ' Fur Coat" Nketsia over the yrs. After all, the two clashed in 2016 elections and John Boadu won. What is Sammy talking about? We must raise the levels of our arguments or discourses.

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Charles Agbenu on Nov 20, 2018 14:32
Solomon Nkansa- type childishness