Mahama's son Sharaf marks father's 60th birthday with rare photo of them on jet ski

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Comment: Re: 60th BD with elite son

Paa Kwesi
2018-12-01 04:58:07
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60th BD with elite son

Does it take only white skins to ride on jet skies? Ah! Why do you guys lower us blacks like that. You've been alleging that this man had stolen your money but no one had been able to prove it after two years in office,this government, when they were in opposition smeared him with all these allegations and made the people believe it. They are in government and still alleging. SMH. I quite remember the first time I or we Ghanaians heard of jacuzzis was in the 80s or so, where these same people made a fuss about it apparently because the first lady by then allegedly had acquired one due to health issues. Hell broke in this country and their propaganda news papers were at it. To them, they only have the birth right for wisdom and good things nobody else's have. Ghanaians wise up!!!

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Paa Kwesi on Dec 1, 04:58
Re: 60th BD with elite son