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Bagbin rejects NDC’s GH¢420,000 'Mahama birthday gift killer' filing fee

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Comment: Re: Bagbin rejects NDC’s GH¢420,000 'Mahama birthd

papa niii
2018-12-01 14:01:18
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Bagbin rejects NDC’s GH¢420,000 'Mahama birthda

Calling Mahama for what? You aspirants have decided to unite against him enobi so? And now you are calling him to support you for what? Mahama will mobilise the money so you too mobilise your own. If the amount is reduced too Mahama will benefit the more because he will have extra money for his campaign. If you have good dreams and cannot finance your dreams, then it is better not to dream at all. Remember Akuffo Addo sold most of his fathers properties to finance his course. His friends, family& cronics supported him too. Why cant you do same Bagbin? If you win, you can pay your friends & family back by appointing them as ministers just like Akuffo Addo. Otherwise forget it. Even you kraa you were a failure. The 1st Ministerial position given to you by prof Mills was a disaster. I beg you, dont let me say more.

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papa niii on Dec 1, 14:01
Re: Bagbin rejects NDC’s GH¢420,000 'Mahama birthd