Mahama's campaign tour of the Eastern Region 'Yaamutu' - David Prah

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Comment: Super incompetent npp is clueless

Maxwell X
2019-01-21 22:46:26
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Mahama's campaign tour of the Eastern Region 'Yaam

Another ugly glutton protecting his grounds of looting. Under your super incompetent Akuffo Addo, though the civil societies and the hypocritical clergy had decided to go to bed, and allow ghana to suffer because of " Yen aban n'ewosu syndrom; the nation cannot forgive those societies for Ghana's pain. THE man; JDM has been exonorated by this abysimal Performance of the Npp LED AKUFFO ADDO ADMINISTRATION and the many hungry mouths of nieces and sycophants you have employed. Denying the General Ghanaians work to do. You these old men and women have actually achieved nothing. The youths are hungry, poverty is deepened everywhere, the ghana cedis was devalued in a Space of one year by 11%, Corruption was increased and you turn around and tell us you have made gains? If this is any again to write Home about, then npp was failed us. We would Love JDM to come back and derail us if the useless waste of time by your incompetent government is anything to recognise as an achievement. Look at our roads, since you hate development, you have left the Eastern corridor to rot. You guys cannot even Patch the existing roads that have built and handed over to you. You have left to degrade. Admire the new face of ghana: THE KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AND MANY OTHERS. JDM'S achievement is unmatched.

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Mensah ( Kumasi) on Jan 20, 2019 22:09
Maxwell X on Jan 21, 2019 22:46
Super incompetent npp is clueless