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Over-subscribed bond a solid vote of confidence in Ghana’s economy – IMANI

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Comment: ghanas currency depreciation...

James Blackie
2019-03-28 11:11:22
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Over-subscribed bond a solid vote of confidence in

It is very amusing to listen to people who should know, but they choose to tickle themselves and laugh. They know that the strength of the currency derives from our balance of trade and balance of payments.In the short term you can borrow from outside to shore up your currency.How long and how much do we have access to.
Lets stop this self deceipt.Lets put in measures to add value to our natural resources,especially agric.produce;reduce our imports;increase our exports.
If we continue the way we are, come September 2019 we will go out to borrow(and the financier want profits, so they will invest in sovereign bonds), and find some nonesence to explain the currency depreciation.

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James Blackie on Mar 28, 2019 11:11
ghanas currency depreciation...