Mahama hints at changes to Free SHS within first 3 months of next presidency

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Comment: Too many uncultured ppl in gh

2019-04-12 10:44:20
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God forbids your comeback

Sometimes I just dnt undastd if some guys here are paid to insults leaders.
Why use that 'peepeni' chk out how many 'peepefo' voted npp? Where is Vice prez from? Uncultured Ashanti's? Im an Akan also! I dnt get paid commenting here n cnt use ugly words for prez Addo n ppl must learn even if u didn't vote npp dnt insults the prez or call him names.
Ppl are queuing at schools yet no rooms for them but the school's built are left to destroy.is it sensible?
We dnt wen u insults it fun! Too many uncultured ppl.God is love! Love ppl always! When Trump says Africa is a shithole we get offended,look at how we treat each other cos of politics.#Thatnonsencemuststop

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Carl on Apr 12, 2019 10:44
Too many uncultured ppl in gh