Mahama will rise again like Jesus Christ - Kofi Adams

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Comment: whores leading Ghana unacceptable!!

2019-05-03 05:18:17
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Mahama will rise again like Jesus Christ - Kofi Ad

Hear what the AG, said when speaking on Joy FM's "Personality Profile"
she did not shy away from admitting having her children with "people's

According to her, coming from a polygamous background, she didn't find fault with sleeping with people's husbands.

“You know my background. I was born into a big home and at that age, you really didn’t think there was anything wrong to be whore!! i mean call it prostitution, i love prostitution!!
But seriously, maybe I wouldn’t have done it today.”You grow up not really seeing something wrong with having a relationship with someone’s [husband].”

She clarified that she was not "philandering" but just love to be whore!!!

so to me, having this two hardcore prostitute in affair is unacceptable samira bawumia 2nd lady hardcore prostitute.
Gloria Akufo Attorney general!! hardcore whore
Ghana is now lead by whores!! how can our economy get better with this women snatching people husband? they deserve no respect in our society!! bitch..

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REBECCA on May 3, 05:18
whores leading Ghana unacceptable!!