Akufo-Addo is only renaming existing schools after his family members - NDC Women's Organizer

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Comment: IT IS TRUE

Amanaman 1
2019-05-04 18:39:17
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Kwesimintsim of Oguaa, the stupid idiot

Nana Akronfo Addo is not building any new project in Ghana in spite of several billions of dollars he had taken as loans. This is the meaning of "so me hwe" government. The woman has said it all and you can go and burn the sea. Nana Addo has no right to arrest anybody for telling him the truth in his face and you his supporters are powerless.

I will also say my bit here: Nana Addo is busily stealing projects by the Mahama government and those he cannot steal, he either stops the work on them, or refuses to commission them for the use by the people for which it was built for. A shameless old man he is. 2020 will surely see him being booted out silly!!!

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Amanaman 1 on May 4, 18:39