Condemnable ethnocentric comments of Osafo Maafo still a threat to democracy - Mahama Jabs

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Comment: Ghana and tribalism

Sea boy
2019-05-13 12:04:43
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Condemnable ethnocentric comments of Osafo Maafo s

I always said this and will continue saying it. We the Northerners should have our own coutry together with Volta region and some part of Bono east region especially around Kintampo coz those areas are part of burthen land and that land is for northers.
The Dagomba eithnic group were having their own country before Ghana, together with their fellow northerners and now that the world is global and discrimination continue coming up from Ashantis and Akyem eithnic group then it will be wise if we call for separation. We have strong people and intelligent people to manage our internal affairs without any hindrances. If every tribe should behave like GA people there wouldn't be any tribal discrimination in Ghana.

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Sea boy on May 13, 2019 12:04
Ghana and tribalism