Tell Akufo-Addo to surround himself with truthful persons – Rev Ransford Obeng charges

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Comment: Stop the unnecessary talk

Kwesi Akonu
2019-05-14 19:56:51
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Tell Akufo-Addo to surround himself with truthful

Hello Rev Ransford, I am so sorry to hear you as Rev spoke like that. It’s so sad for people like you to try to destroy the president and the people around him that have nothing to do with the situation in the Ashanti. Since this president came to power he has done so much for the region and still doing it so what type of truthful people you want the president to surround himself with. If it’s that easy to fix the regions of Ghana, all the past presidents should have made Ghana like paradise. Why don’t you fix the region if it’s that easy and stop that unnecessary talk.

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Kwesi Akonu on May 14, 2019 19:56
Stop the unnecessary talk
Dundu Banza on May 14, 2019 21:26