300 ambulances under government’s 1M1C en route to Ghana

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Comment: Empty Noise Makers

Kojo Sromani
2019-06-28 12:08:01
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300 ambulances under government’s 1M1C en route

Now the purchasing of ambulances for constituencies have metamorphosed into One Constituency, One Million dollars. Wonders will never end. The NPP thinks that all Ghanaians are like their brain-dead supporters who defend any act of corruption, deception, and all the crap being put out there. One million dollars for a constituency for four years is Sixteen Thousand Dollars, about 70 Million Cedis. Let them tell us what they have done in the constituencies, including one ambulance for a whole constituency that amount to just one million cedis? These professional liars will in the end indicate in their budgetary disbursements that they spent a million dollars each year for each constituency, and thus, get away with millions of dollars into party accounts and private pockets. Ghanaians must wise up before these people plunder our meagre resources.

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Kojo Sromani on Jun 28, 2019 12:08
Empty Noise Makers