300 ambulances under government’s 1M1C en route to Ghana

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Comment: Ghana, wake up

2019-06-28 12:27:44
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300 ambulances under government’s 1M1C en route

When govt is using the tax payers money for projects and purchases, they should not make it as if it their own money they are using. It is our money, the tax payers money. Why should the government of Ghana buy ambulance for the country and say is Presidential special initiative. All the previous governments, were they ask to do things under duress. Enough of that j, if you are voted for as a president you shouldn't be there telling as is special initiative, is your work as a government to provide services and good living standards for your country and with their money not your money. Politicians has taken us for a ride too long, we Ghanaians are discerning to know the truth from the right

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NAT on Jun 28, 2019 12:27