Mahama’s government was accommodating to criticisms than Akufo-Addo’s - Manasseh

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2019-07-01 13:07:54
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No they are not because national resources are for the people and cannot be hijacked by anybody as we saw with some giving over 50% of the national resource of Ghana and Ghanaians to a brother and screaming it was given to me. Secondly, businesses collapsing are a consequence of inherent structural challenges and deformities that if not addressed sinks a business in a very highly competitive market. You do not proceed from there and politicize it, in the face of risks to the overall health and wellbeing of the economy for your parochial self interest at the expense of the many.
Coming back to the issue of the nation resources, I am of the opinion however, it should be in the hands of Ghanaians based on our history of dispossession as a people and in that regard, in order to create the kind of wealth and progress we need to see for the peoples, the principle of "property-owning democracy" is the sure and best way towards our emancipation from the morass of underdevelopment and economic stagnation.
That cannot be a case for insecurity but rather, the attempt to impede and hinder that process is the foundation of total insecurity.

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Re: Akoa woy3 paaaa....