Akufo-Addo must review his campaign promises to achievable ones – Addai Nimo

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Comment: Re: #FuckJDM

2019-09-08 13:11:50
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Listen to this son of an harlot who calls himself Kofi which of the above commentators has attacked or insulted anybody? Mahama & Nana Addo which of the two deserves insult if we should do critical analysis base on the advice Mr. Addis Nimo has given to his own NPP government. See how you're displaying your stupidity to the world get to the issues & stop hiding behind insults. Or are you going to say Mr Addai Nimo is also campaigning for JM? Because that's been the trend if the few reasonable members left in the party decided to voice out the abysmal failure of this regime. I will not insult Nana Addo because to me he's already an insult. So just go ahead & do your ass licking because without ass licking there will be no food on the table for you. Gimiefuo!

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Siasia on Sep 8, 13:11