Akufo-Addo will be jailed when NDC takes over power in 2021 – Yayra Koku predicts

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Comment: Re: Lungu Lungu longo longo

21st century boy
2019-12-06 14:56:08
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I don't think so

Lungu Lungu longo longo you yourself you are a fool so you think everybody is. OK. Those of you in government or associated with government should keep praising the economy stupidly contrary to what is being experienced by the masses. Ghanaians know what they are going through under your NPP government while some of you with bowl in hand trotting jubilee house praising and defending government on Ghana web.

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21st century boy on Dec 6, 14:56
Re: Lungu Lungu longo longo
Opanin Koo Kwakye, J'burg on Dec 6, 11:46