Mahama promises to bridge gap between Article 71 office holders and workers

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Comment: Re: visionary leader

2019-12-19 18:13:36
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visionary leader

This northern dreamer is yet to wake up from his drunken stupor. He is still depending on his support from the northerners and Ayigbes to come to power? They couldn't help him to retain power even as an incimbent. He says: "I will do this; I will do that". He forgets that he was given the opportunity, albeit accidentaly, to do what he is now promising to do, but failed woefully. Why should he think that a northerner, who had his chance, is an indispensable person, when it comes to governing a country of 30 million individuals? It would make sense to give a second chance to an extremely brilliant northerner like Dr Bawumia. But not to a person with mediocre abilities like Mahama.

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Esum on Dec 19, 2019 18:13
Re: visionary leader