Asempa FM lists best and worst performing ministers, deputy ministers in 2019

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Comment: USELESS

2019-12-30 11:23:02
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Asempa FM lists best and worst performing minister

This is a useless and warped exercise. Measure their performance on the bases of: their mandate, successful implementation of policies/programmes, and how the policies have positively impacted the country as a whole. The criteria used (i won't call them "benchmarks") are very useless and irrelevant-for example, how does a minister's "balance between government and party" or "media visibility" benefit Ghanaians? There were a whole lot of issues with the implementation of the free SHS-placement problems and "double track" - yet, the the education minister is among the "top 16". The only reason that minister "made it" was the fact that he was always "talking" on radio! The Year of Return was successfully organized, yet the minister of tourism is not in the " top 16", simply because she didn't talk on radio. What exactly is the meaning of a minister of information making it to the top 16?i'm really disappointed. The criteria used are really out of place. Another sign that we always hail mediocrity and settle for less.

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ANANSE KWEKU on Dec 30, 2019 11:23