'Despotic' Akufo-Addo portrays himself as an 'angel' but 'full of evil'– Sam George

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Comment: 'Despotic ' Akufo-Addo portrays as good

Number one.
2020-01-31 16:00:19
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'Despotic' Akufo-Addo portrays himself as an 'ange

He is a typical camelion.l will not spend your money. You try me and see.Now what is happening? It wasn't only NPP members that gave you the victory. NDC members also voted for you so this time no way for you because we have tested you and found that you are fake.

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ndc senior citizen on Feb 1, 02:07
Number one. on Jan 31, 2020 16:00
'Despotic ' Akufo-Addo portrays as good