Politics Fri, 31 Jan 2020

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'Despotic' Akufo-Addo portrays himself as an 'angel' but 'full of evil'– Sam George

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Comment: There he goes again

2020-02-01 00:53:02
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'Despotic' Akufo-Addo portrays himself as an 'ange

Does this boy want to live? He is always insulting the president. Children who insult adults die young. Onukpa photo b3 oshia ona? This NDC hooliganism is getting into his head. Violence begat violence. You deserve more hefty slaps. Cowards talk and write plenty like this You will be the first to ran like a rabid dog when there is chaos.

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ndc senior citizen on Feb 1, 02:07
Kiky on Feb 1, 00:53
There he goes again