'Despotic' Akufo-Addo portrays himself as an 'angel' but 'full of evil'– Sam George

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Comment: Re: Akuffo Addo is Evil

2020-02-01 03:15:34
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Akuffo Addo is Evil

The issue of Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong is history, and will not change the environment for Mahama's comeback. Mahama is a discarded item when it comes to the presidency. He will never come close to the presidency again!!! Former President Mills with his humility is no more, and there is no one like him in current leadership of NDC to be used as a conduit to power for Mahama. He must get it in his empty head

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Momo on Feb 1, 03:15
Re: Akuffo Addo is Evil
ndc senior citizen on Feb 1, 02:07