‘Absolutely needless’ – NPP chair Blay blasts NDC over EC attacks

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Comment: Disgraceful bunch of senseless idiots.

Agyemang Boye
2020-05-30 05:42:37
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‘Absolutely needless’ – NPP chair Blay blast

If you have criminals and evil people rulling a nation the results you get is evil plots and confusion. Just look at the confusion that akuffo addo has plunged this nation from his famouse plagiarized speech till today. Akuffo addo is wicked evil, senseless idiot, master of corruption, dishonest and messenger of the devil. He will fall before his evil plots because "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and will make us bold to defend the course of fredom and our rights to vote and to resist the oppressor akuffo addo.

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Agyemang Boye on May 30, 2020 05:42
Disgraceful bunch of senseless idiots.