I will build and deploy a new hospital ship if elected - Mahama

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Comment: Corrupt

2020-06-19 05:07:26
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I will build and deploy a new hospital ship when e

I cant stop laughing when I read this idiot as a former president.The funds that you have stolen from the country, a $20million value contract at a cost of $200million, and you want to come back and build a what? a ship? I guess Ghana would spend $1 billion for a $400million ship building contract. I cant believe this dude, corrupt as hell, stole the funds that belongs to Ghanaians through loans that we would continue to pay for many years that he and his family would be enjoying for years. Ghanaians I tell you this if this man comes back as president, the message to all this criminals would be Ghana can be taken for a ride period. And we as Ghanaians should be ready to carry our own pain for many years to come.

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