I will build and deploy a new hospital ship if elected - Mahama

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Comment: Ghana our beloved country

2020-06-19 06:11:14
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I will build and deploy a new hospital ship when e

We will continue to pray for a leader who understands what the people need and not what they will use to win power. Is it really necessary to build a hospital ship when we lack physical structures for hospitals. Nana Addo government bought drones when we needed ambulances and roads to hospitals fixed. Mr Mahama I will urge that if u want to leave a lasting legacy in ghana kindly enact and enforce law as that will make mdas and other government institutions work to their full capacity. Also when your government is able to prosecute its own people for corruption you will become a legend. That's my humble advice

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Kk on Jun 19, 2020 09:23
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Ghana our beloved country
Kwame Tigah on Jun 19, 2020 08:33