Executive Aerobics Centre to be established at Mikaddo Conference Centre

Ms Ama Addo Agyekum66.jpeg C.O.O of Mikaddo Conference Centre, Ama Addo Agyekum

Fri, 13 May 2022 Source: Executive Aerobics Centre

An Executive Aerobics Centre is due to be launched at the Mikaddo Conference Centre at Labone junction Accra. The joint initiative to be powered between Elwak Keep Fit Club and Mikaddo Conference Centre Ltd will afford CEOs, Directors, and senior managers in corporate positions to train, refresh and rejuvenate for productivity on the job.

The program is designed to also improve the lifestyle of leadership leading to a sound mind in a sound body.

This was made known to the media by the C.O.O of Mikaddo Conference Centre, Ms Ama Addo Agyekum during the investiture of new executives of the Elwak keep fit club where she presented a sponsorship package of 204,000 cedis to the club.

The centre when established, will provide aerobics training sessions for leadership of the various institutions to train on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

‘It is observed that the health of most senior managers of most institutions spends long hours sitting in an office to manage the companies affairs at the detriment of their health thereby developing health complications. The aerobics centre will provide the necessary impetus for rejuvenation and alleviation of health conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle’ she stated.

According to Ms Ama Addo, The Centre is due to be inaugurated in June this year. Members who participate in the aerobics events at the Mikaddo Conference Centre which is the host centre for the project will also take advantage of Mikaddo medical laboratory located within the Centre with a resident Pharmacist and a medical doctor to advise on the health conditions of the participants.

There will be regular screening and maintenance of the health of participants.

Among the mode of operation, the Elwak keep fit club will use its instructors to conduct the aerobics sections and training during the program. An M.O.U is due to be signed between Mikaddo Conference Centre and Elwak keep fit club to initiate the process soon.

This is one of the many initiatives/collaborations that the new chairman and administration are bringing on board to make El-wak Keep Fit Club the most viable keep fitness club in the country.

Source: Executive Aerobics Centre