Indomie pulls a surprise on mothers to mark Mother’s Day

Indomie Mothersday.jpeg This was part of the Mother’s Day activities to reward patrons of Indomie noodles

Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: SPONSORED

Indomie surprised many mothers when its management went out to give packages of Indomie instant noodles and other items such as cooking sets and blenders to mothers who had no clue such gifts were coming their way.

Producers of Indomie Instant noodles, De United Foods Industries Ltd, went online and searched for posts users had shared about their mothers. The company selected some of the great posts, contacted those who made the posts and arranged a surprise package for their mothers. In all ten mothers were celebrated.

This was part of the Mother’s Day activities to reward patrons of Indomie noodles and also to strengthen the bonds between mothers and their children.

Mr. Akshay Kaira Marketing Manager of Indomie Ghana said it was an emotional scene as the surprises were at two levels. Those who made the post were themselves surprised when they were contacted but the bigger surprises were their mothers, who were excited and emotional about the gesture.

Indomie is the leading instant noodles brand on the market and produced locally under the highest form of standard. The company holds several events regularly to reward consumers and all key players along the value chain.

Mr. Kaira explained that the brand will continue to put its customers first and celebrate them at the least opportunity. He said the company has created an online community for mothers called Indomie Moms-Like No Other. It’s a community is on Facebook where mothers can connect with and learn from other mothers. They will also have access to exclusive events, giveaways and workshops organized by Indomie.