Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards honors James Chamenyi with Supreme African Supportive father of the year

James K Chamenyi Receives His Award From An Official Of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy James K Chamenyi receives his award from an official of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy

Wed, 11 May 2022 Source: Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards

Congratulations to our 2021 SUPREME DYNAMIC TALENT ACADEMY AWARDS, Supreme African Supportive Father of the Year.

In December 2021, Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy, a global prestigious talent academy for modeling, acting, pageant, make-up & charm school with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana and Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards, (SDTA Awards); a global prestigious awards organization, celebrating the global supremacy of talent and creativity, also with its headquarters in Accra-Ghana, announced & honored Mr. James K Chamenyi, the C.E.O of Cham Consult, a financial management consultants firm as the SUPREME AFRICAN SUPPORTIVE FATHER OF THE YEAR at Ghana’s premier Luxurious hotel, La Palm Royal Beach hotel, during Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy’s first Graduation ceremony & SDTA Awards first, Awards Gala.

However and unfortunately, Mr. James was hospitalized and indisposed to attend the event and only recently got presented with his award at the national theatre at a red carpet event.

While the Single father of 3 is best known for his remarkable leadership, dedication, and full involvement in his children’s education and career, Rojabel Chamenyi, (his daughter’s) study at the Academy, got him honored with the top spot as the 2021 SUPREME AFRICAN SUPPORTIVE FATHER OF THE YEAR, as he personally registered her at the Academy constantly supported & checked in to know of her performance at the Academy until she graduated.

Mr. James K Chamenyi's recognition as The 2021 SUPREME AFRICAN SUPPORTIVE FATHER OF THE YEAR is particularly significant as many African parents are worried about their children becoming either a model, an actor, actresses, dancers, musicians or joining the creative arts or entertainment industry, due to long-held negative stereotypes, however, times are changing and the Creative arts industry is equally a lucrative and noble industry, just like every other industry.

Since Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards, is about celebrating the global supremacy of Talent and Creativity, this particular SDTA Awards category, aims to celebrate the hero dads and father figures, like Mr. James, who Support whatever their child’s or children’s career aspirations might be in Creative arts industry, Find a good school and help them get into it. Encourage them to study their chosen craft, practice, and succeed at it.

After all, as their backbone, naturally, they’ll need their help, support, and blessings to be instrumental in their career journey and success.

Mr. James expressed his gratitude at receiving the award, saying, “It is an enormous honor and extremely humbling to be recognized as the Supreme African Supportive Father of the Year.

“Being a dad is an incredibly special experience and being a single dad is even more challenging and as such, I want them to succeed by all means. I mean, but if your child wants to do it, for the right reasons and because they can’t be happy doing anything else, then what else do you do but get behind them? Instead of adapting to what our society has traditionally defined as success, young people these days have completely broken those boundaries and are changing how we work.

I’m really grateful to the Organization for recognizing me & I’m particularly proud of the organization’s young Chairperson & Vice Chairman. Young adults are no longer looking for the highest-paying or most convenient position but instead, one that aligns with their own personal values.

This goes to show how important these values are to this generation, that’s how you truly find fulfillment, and the money of course will come along, and given that the oldest members of Gen Z are only beginning to enter the workforce, companies and organizations in every sphere will have to adjust to these values if they want to bring in top talent.”

Hon. Zino Lexili Ogazi, Chairperson of the Academy and Awards organization, said she was thrilled to announce Mr. James Chamenyi as the pioneer of the award honoree.

“Mr. James has certainly excelled as a father, he is exemplary and dedicated to supporting creativity and he is a very hands-on father.

I remember the first time he walked into my office with Rojabel to make Registrations for Rojabel, he was taken aback and a bit skeptical, when he first saw me, perhaps because I’m a young female business owner, no worries, I get that all the time, so I didn’t take offense at all lol.

However, I managed to get him to rest assured that, though we are new and our Academy is run by young people, our Academy isn’t a child’s play and In our mission is to create well-rounded individuals, who are fiercely passionate, bold, creative, talented, brilliant and ready to readily grasp the stars, we hope to expose our students to the international Creative arts industry, art scene and broaden their horizon while changing the stereotypes one day at a time.

He got convinced a bit but tho, he didn’t fail to complain bitterly about how he had fallen into the various hands of scammers, who posed as talented institutions and agencies, I told him not to worry that he was at the right place, he got convinced and proceeded to make payments for Rojabel’s registration and the rest is history, as Rojabel successfully graduated with others after rigorous training and we are very confident that she’ll blossom in no time, in the film industry and the modeling industry as well.

So yes, we’re delighted to award him The Supreme African Supportive Father of the Year award for 2021.” She said.

The vice-chairman, Mr. Eric Michael Ogazi said, “ We are very proud of fathers who teach through words and actions every day that one wasn’t merely born to fit in, but was born to shine. I personally, and all of us collectively, couldn’t think of a more deserving man for this title at Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy for the class of 2021 & we also wish that more parents will also see the potential in the Creative Arts industry and recognize it as a strong force to be reckoned with.,” he said.

Rojabel said; as a pioneer of Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy, I’m very proud and I’m even more proud of my dad and grateful to him for being very supportive and involved in my career building as a model and actor, I hope to make him very proud in the future, I’m grateful for his award recognition too“

Source: Supreme Dynamic Talent Academy Awards