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10 Ghanaian celebrity beefs of 2019

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of baggage. And, sometimes, in trying to keep up your public image, you’d have to step on a few toes.

While there have been many documented tensions between some star personalities, 2019, in particular, saw too many celebrity beefs.

The movie industry had its fair share, the music industry was also not left out, with even self-styled men of God getting involved.

From the above, you can infer how tempestuous all these beefs were and how they, rather bizarrely, warmed up the watching public.

Here are 10 of the biggest Ghanaian celebrity beefs of the year 2019:

1. Afia Schwarzenegger and Kennedy Agyapong

Television and radio presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger has been involved in a longstanding feud with politician, Kennedy Agyapong.

The pair once again renewed their beef in 2019, after the Assin Central MP hurled some hurtful words at Afia.

The maverick legislator described her as “an ugly bitch like that seeking for relevance. If she wants to start the war again she should. One of the worst creations of God ever on earth is Afia Schwarzenegger…that ugly b*tch. She is not a human being and a low class.”

As unruly as Afia can be, she also hit hard at Kennedy Agyapong. In an Instagram post, she referred to the MP as a “dog, thief, stupid jerk and a corrupt politician.”

“Who is uglier than your children? Who? Your ugly face like the economy of Ghana,” she further jabbed. Hmmm, this was definitely a beef of hard punches.

2. Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel

As if beefing Kennedy Agyapong was not enough, Afia Schwarzenegger was involved in another war of words with singer Mzbel.

The two used to be very good friends but their hitherto cordial relationship came to an end some months ago.

It all started when Afia threw caution to the wind by attacking Mzbel. She questioned who the father of the singer’s child was and also claimed Mzbel was broke and could not even pay for her Uber fare.

This obviously irked Mzbel, who also took to social media to hit back. The “16 years” hit maker posted a savage cartoon photo resembling Afia with a long mouth.

Choosing a rather cryptic caption, she wrote: “Beautiful African Art”. The two women have since been subtly jabbing each other.

3. Afia Schwarzenegger and Tonardo.

2019 has indeed been a year of beefs for Afia Schwarzenegger. The actress and comedienne made it a hat-trick of beefs when she engaged actor Nana Tonardo in a fight.

Again, she used to be close friends with Nana Tonardo until everything fell completely apart. Tonardo accused her of backstabbing and badmouthing him to other colleagues.

He went on to accuse her of stealing a gold watch while she was in the US. Afia predictably responded in equal measure, labelling Tonardo childish and calling his bluff.

The exchanges that followed are well documented, as both parties hurled unprintable words at each other.

4. Strongman and Medikal

Somewhere in June 2019, in the same week when Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale ended their beef, the rap industry responded with its own version.

Rappers Medikal and Strongman brought some spark to the industry after going head-to-head in a lyrical war.

Medikal stoked the fire when he released “To Whom It May Concern” – a song in which he jabbed some of his colleague rappers.

While many rappers overlooked it, Strongman took it upon himself and responded with his own diss song titled “Don't try me”, totally shredding the AMG rapper to pieces.

Later on, the same day, Medikal retaliated with another diss song titled “The last burial”, to which Strongman reciprocated with “Immortal”.

The two rappers went at each other for over 48 hours, taking over Ghana Twitter in that period, in what was one of the most exciting lyrical battles we’ve seen in recent years.

5. Obofour and Obinim

They say when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers. But what happens when two pastors fight?

Rev. Obofour and Bishop Daniel Obinim have the answer. The two pastors were involved in one of the most comical feuds in the year 2019.

Obinim had emphasised that he is an “Angel”, while also claiming he was the spiritual father of Obofour.

However, Obofour did not take kindly to these words and hit back saying Obinim never mentored him to be considered his spiritual father.

Obofour also contested Obinim’s claim to being an Angel. According to him, Obinim’s claim is fake, insisting he, Obofour, is the original angel of God.

Their beef became so heated that they switched to who among the two had more wealth. Battle of the angels, eh?

6. Obofour and Nana Agradaa

You think a pastor beefing another pastor is weird? Then wait till you see a pastor beefing a fetish priestess.

That was the exact situation when founder of the Anointed Palace Church, Rev. Obofour, clashed with fetish priestess Nana Agradaa.

The priestess made a series of allegations against the pastor, claiming Obofour is a fake and often abuses his junior pastors.

This was not a really explosive beef but the fact that it involved a pastor and a fetish priest attracted the attention of many Ghanaians.

7. Akuapem Poloo and Xandy Kamel

Kumawood stars Akuapem Poloo and Xandy Kamel also ignited one of the hottest celebrity feuds in the year under review.

Xandy started the beef when she alleged that Akuapem Poloo was sleeping around with different men.

In a fierce rebuttal, Akuapem Poloo called Xandy a hippopotamus, adding that the latter has been begging the father of late Ebony reigns for an iPhone X Max.

In fact, this beef got so serious that Xandy invoked curses on Poloo.

"I invoke curses on you and your generations to come for lying against me… when you drink water you will have problems… when you cross the road problems will follow you... I use the spirit of my mother and father to curse you,” she cursed.

8. Kelvyn Boy and Wendy Shay

Somewhere in the middle of 2019, Wendy Shay came under the spotlight following her beef with Kelvyn Boy.

Surprisingly, their beef started on a platform which was supposed to see Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale smoke the peace pipe.

In the course of the programme, Kelvyn Boy appeared to snub Wendy Shay, having exchanged pleasantries with everyone on the podium except the “Ghana Boys” hit maker.

Wendy Shay took offence with the gesture, and the involvement of her manager, Bullet, made matters worse.

In the ensuing beef, Kelvyn Boy jabbed Wendy and called her an empty artiste who cannot even write her own songs.

In response, Wendy said suggested the ‘Mea” singer was jealous of her, while also posting several cryptic messages on social media to spite Kelvyn Boy. Although their beef did not last, it certainly got the attention of Ghanaians.

9. Archipalago and Patapaa

Swedru-based artiste Patapaa Amisty also had his fair share of beefs following his run-in with Instagram vlogger, Achipalago.

Patapaa in an interview jabbed Achipalago, insisting his single titled “Me Gye” is a trashy song that only contained noise.

He said, for someone who usually criticsed other artistes, he expected Achipalago to come out with something better.

However, Achipalago hit back in an Instagram post, describing Patapaa as ‘kwasia banku” for rubbishing his song.

The pair had a go at each other for some time before their beef ultimately came to an end.

10. Becca’s family

It is uncommon for persons belonging to the same family to wash their dirty linings in public for all to see.

More so, when the persons involved are celebrities. However, earlier in the year, singer Becca seemed to have been involved in some kind of misunderstanding with her mother.

It is uncommon for persons belonging to the same family to wash their dirty linings in public for all to see.

More so, when the persons involved are celebrities. However, earlier in the year, singer Becca seemed to have been involved in some kind of misunderstanding with her mother.
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