Aburi Mudslide: Houses can’t be demolished without proper research – NRSA

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Thu, 31 Oct 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

In the wake of the incessant mudslide and subsequent calls for buildings along the Aburi-Peduase road to be demolished on the basis that activities there contribute to the incident, Director General of National Road Safety Authority, Ing. Mireku Yeboah has said these structures cannot be demolished without scientific proof substantiating the claim.

Ing. Mireku Yeboah made the statement during a visit with her team to the Aburi Peduase road to witness the damage the mudslide caused in the past week and how best the NRSA can help deal with the situation.

According to her, the frequent rainfalls could be a contributing factor to the mudslide since the soil is wet after the rains.

“We have a couple of rains a couple of days ago and continuous, and I’m sure the soil is soaked, and the rocks have become so weak and therefore, it comes down,” she said.

“We’ve also have observed that some buildings and we even see people building and we think that that could be part of it. The work going on will destabilise the soil and that will also make it weak and it will come down.”

She further called on the Town and Country Planning Department to properly survey such areas before granting permit to people who would want to build.

Ing. Mireku Yeboah further mentioned that her outfit will collaborate with other stakeholders to help protect the area in order to avoid any calamity in the future.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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