All animals safe as rainstorm affects Tafi Atome community, Monkey Sanctuary

Twifo Hemang Rainstorm Victims The impact of the brief by heavy rains left destruction in its wake | File photo

Fri, 15 Oct 2021 Source: GNA

A downpour, accompanied by a heavy windstorm, has affected the Tafi Atome community and the renowned Monkey Sanctuary.

The storm, which occurred at about 1516 hours on Wednesday, lasted for close to 26 minutes and ripped off roofs of some houses in the community.

Mr Francis Acquaye, Manager Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village Centre told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) during a visit to the Centre that the effect of the rainstorm on the Sanctuary was unprecedented.

He said although a similar incident occurred in 2008, it did not affect the Sanctuary, adding that consultations with elders of the community revealed that Wednesday's disaster was unprecedented.

Mr Acquaye said some of the trees uprooted by the rainstorm blocked the routes to the Sanctuary.

He told the GNA that the monkeys which "continued crying for help as there was no place for them to board any longer" were safe, adding that the storm had no immediate effect on business at the Centre.

The Manager said the Centre had liaised with the Forestry Commission for tree seedlings to be supplied and planted immediately.

"We need to plant the tree seedlings that will grow by two to three years to plant so that they will give the monkeys places to live."

Out of the trees uprooted at the Sanctuary is a famous parasite tree where the monkeys are normally fed.

Mr Acquaye said due to the numerous trees that got uprooted, the monkeys now had a limited space to live.

He said the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) was informed and appealed to individuals and organisations to come to the aid of the Sanctuary to help it 'bounce' back to normal.

The damage also affected the roofs of some structures at the newly rehabilitated Centre.

The Afadzato South District Assembly and Forestry Commission paid a visit to the Centre to ascertain the level of damage.

Mr Eric Afagbe, a victim, told the GNA that he and his family, including a 5-year-old son, were sleeping when he heard a noise in the form of rain droplets.

He said the wall of the back of his house collapsed, adding that the wall fell on the foot of his son.

Mr Afagbe said his son was treated, discharged and now back to school.

The Afadzato South District National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) is yet to assess the level of damage as at the time the GNA visited the community.

Source: GNA
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