Regional News Tue, 26 Mar 2019

Amasaman gets potable water

The people of Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality now have access to potable water as a result of water services extended there by the Accra West Region of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

The extension of water to the Municipality was done during the latter part of 2018 and the Company has opened a new District Office, close to the Works Department of the Municipal Assembly, to attend to the water needs of the people.

In an interview with the media, the Regional Communications Manager of the Region, Solace Akomeah intimated that, the Ga West Municipality, which is a fast-growing peri-urban area, with over 170 communities, was one of the water-stressed areas in the Greater Accra Region, with most of its numerous populace lacking access to potable water supply.

According to Mrs. Akomeah, one of the biggest hospitals in the area also lacked access to potable water and relied on ground water for its operations, a situation which she said hindered proper healthcare delivery.

“Without potable water, the fight to improve healthcare and sanitation is defeated,” Mrs. Akomeah said.

On March, 22, 2019, the Company celebrated this year’s World Water Day in the capital of the Municipality, with the Chief of Amasaman, Nii Oseiku II and his people.

In his address, Nii Oseiku II was full of praise for GWCL for extending water to his people. He entreated his people to eschew all illegalities and go through the right procedures to get their water connections.

In another address, the Acting Regional Chief Manager, Ing. Asomani Nyarko said the Ga West area had been under the radar of the Company for a long time as an area requiring water supply. He said he was therefore happy that the Company had finally been able to extend its services there.

Ing. Nyarko intimated that the Company had started massive pipeline extensions to cover all the communities without lines to ensure that, in line with the theme for the World Water Day 2019, no one is left behind.

Source: dailyguidenetwork.com